Boston Audio Rentals and Service

Boston Audio rentals and services all special events and is a full-service AV Rental company providing Audio Rentals, Lighting Rentals & Video Rentals and services. 24 Hours 7 Days a week our phone system goes directly to our staff anytime, anywhere we are, to support your needs. With a vast diversity in equipment and experienced Audio Visual staff we have enabled our clients to run successful events since 1999. Producing over 600 events a year, we can help you through every step of the process from the initial ideas, to planning, logistics, and execution. Use our site as a tool to start your rental request or contact us anytime for immediate help and detailed needs!

New Product - The Datapath DL8 & X4


With the new product in our inventory we have a new vast ability to easily move multiple screens in many video wall orientations. Want to be creative on your next presentation? Or be different at your next trade show? This is it! Check out more information about the product on our site at the Datapath x4 Rental, to find out more about it capabilities check out this cool YouTube Video of what it can do for your next show.

Need Delivery? Deliveries Free over $1000


Order any av rental package $1000 and more and we got you covered in the greater Boston area! Delivery and Pickup will be included as long as you mention this special. Give our sales team a call at 877.354.2839 and we will send you some love on the road!

Dual 6x10 Fast-Fold Screens and Projectors


Two 6x10 Fast-Fold Projection Screens with Two 5,000 Lumen Projectors