Boston Audio Rentals - Cast WYSIWYG & VIVIEN CAD

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WYSIWYG Design allows users to explore their designs in a virtual environment.

Finally, Production Professionals can show the rest of the production team exactly what they are trying to achieve rather than relying on words to communicate complex visual ideas.

Use wysiwyg to win projects and to coordinate and gain the confidence of your production team by presenting photo-realistic renderings of your proposed designs. And don’t forget that wysiwyg is green - good for the environment, which is also a big advantage of your bid and a big bonus when competing for big events.

wysiwyg Design, which is designed specifically for production professionals, offers a customized 3D CAD application with libraries of relevant equipment, including fixtures, truss, gels, gobos, etc. and an integrated paperwork database. With the addition of isometric and shaded views, wysiwyg Design allows users to explore their designs in a virtual environment. This 3D CAD suite with integrated paperwork and rendering engines is the ideal solution for users looking for an all-inclusive production design tool.

Vivien is an intuitive, 3D event design & planning software for event professionals.

Save time & money with Vivien by creating comprehensive proposals quickly, easily and effectively. Vivien’s eye-popping visuals will do the selling for you, communicating your ideas through beautifully rendered photorealistic images. Reclaim the time back in your schedule and win new business with Vivien and it’ easy to use features.